Coming soon, a new multi-author military science fiction world where the stories aren’t about war, they’re about warriors.

Thousands of years in the future, humanity has evolved beyond mortal understanding, created its own successors and sent them out into the stars.

Meet Human 2.0: the NeoHumans. Far from an Earth they’ve never seen, the isolated NeoHuman colonies of the Pocket are alone in a dark, dangerous, universe.

Now they’re about to learn how dangerous. ¬†There are enemies in the darkness, and they’re coming.

The NeoHumans were left alone out there for a purpose.

And they’re not going to like it…

Created by J. Steven York, national best-selling author of “Mechwarrior: Fortress of Lies,” and “Mechwarrior: Hub of Chaos,” HardBodies reinvents the robot-combat genre for a new century. ¬†Welcome to the Nanomorphic Fast Infantry, where things change…fast!

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